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Let me tell you about Oevercraft

Great that you're taking the time to visit
our website. Our server has some
pretty cool features that no
other server has. We offer a Marketplace for Plots,
A Casino and a well-organised MC-Social Platform
trough our website.
You should register and check it out!

Reopening Oevercraft!

Author: DaDavinci

Welcome to Oevercraft!

We're currently re-opening oevercraft with our new referral code: newbie


- In-game Shops
- Buyable Plots
- Betting (With your money)
- Forums


- Balance races
- Player vs Player Betting
- Buyable Shops
- Sellable Plots

PLAY.OEVERCRAFT.TK  – Minecraft PVP Factory's

Author: DaDavinci

PLAY.OEVERCRAFT.TK  – Minecraft PVP Factory's


Welcome to Oevercraft:

Hello fellow Minecraftians, Before you click away I offer you an referral code to get 25K FREE CASH on my server.


I recently had the idea to create a Factory Server and I invite you to play on it!


Oevercraft Spawn


What is a "Factory" server?

A Factory server is a server where you build your factory to consume riches, and with those riches you can do

ANYTHING you want. First off you'll need to get some supplies in the wilderness to get started. and later on you can:

BUY/SELL PLOTS (Be a merchant in properties), go to a CASINO (To try and double your earnings)

and a vastly variety of much more!


What do we offer?

Functional Forum

Premium Anti-cheat


Player Events

Plots around spawn (To build a city with the whole community)

Player Shops

Anti Pay2Win

And much more


We hope to see you soon @


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